Getting Started with SharePoint Tutorial Template - Standard

This is a SharePoint template that can be downloaded and installed on any Office 365 plan that includes SharePoint Online. This product will help your business learn about the different features of SharePoint Online by actually using it. There are over 20 lessons that users can work through to increase their knowledge.

The product includes:
- 2.5 hours of video lessons
- Links to over 30 additional content web sites
- Over 250 pages of downloadable documentation (excluding free version)
- Easy to install, customise, extend and update
- Premium edition permits editing/re-branding of content
- Annual Maintenance provides free updates of all content for 1 year

This product is aimed at users who have never used SharePoint Online and want to learn more. Download the User Guide for more details or watch the video.

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22.12MB WSP Download

AUD 90.00

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